Audience's Three-Cable Approach to Optimal Analog Playback

by The Audio Beat | November 22, 2011

cknowledging the fragility of the signal that comes from a phono cartridge, which can be measured in hundreds of microvolts, Audience conducted research into the electrical characteristics of phono cables and came to the conclusion that one cable "cannot possibly serve as an optimal tonearm-to-phono-stage interface." For this reason, Audience offers a trio of au24e phono cables ranging in price from $479 to $1295, depending on electrical values and terminations, for use with different kinds of phono cartridges. The Low Z cable is meant for use with moving-coil cartridges whose internal resistance is up to 30 ohms, while the High Z version is for moving-coil cartridges with resistance of 30-100 ohms. For cartridges with resistance above 100 ohms, which includes most high-output moving-coil and all moving-magnet types, there is the MM version of the cable.

For each of the phono cables, Audience uses its continuous-cast high-purity copper wire as well as low-loss geometry to preserve the purity of the extremely low-level phono signal. Terminations include straight and angled DIN along with RCAs and tinned leads for replacement of existing captive phono cables.

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