Aronov Audio Relaunches with New Integrated Amp

by The Audio Beat | May 9, 2011

akov Aronov founded Aronov Audio in the early 1990s on the strength a single tube amplifier. He managed a successful high-end repair shop in Los Angeles and designed that amp, the YM-100, for his own use. As often happens, others heard it and wanted one, so Aronov Audio came to be, debuting in Chicago at the 1991 Summer CES.

The company was active for nearly a decade afterwards, participating in every CES and introducing a number of new models. In 1998, Aronov Audio became involved in a different venture and was inactive in the audio business.

Earlier this year, Aronov Audio reestablished and introduced the LA-200 ($4995), a 65Wpc tube integrated amp. It uses 6550C output tubes and a unique output transformer, which Yakov Aronov designed as an upgrade to his previous transformer. Inputs are single-ended only, and the volume control is manual. As with previous Aronov models, the LA-200's chassis is made of welded 11-gauge steel that's painted a piano-black finish. However, instead of the glass faceplate used previously, the LA-200's faceplate is made of Plexiglas "for practical reasons."

Other Aronov Audio products are in the planning stages, including a 100Wpc stereo amp, 100W monoblocks, a 30Wpc integrated amp, a line-stage preamp, and a phono stage.

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