Analog Audio and The Audio Beat Join to Host Listening Events in the Minneapolis Area

by Marc Mickelson | March 29, 2012

f it really, truly, absolutely is about the music for you and you live within driving distance of Minneapolis, Minnesota, you'll want to attend the co-sponsored listening events held in the well-appointed demo room of dealer Analog Audio. Paul Blizel, owner of Analog Audio, began hosting music lovers late last year, playing a number of complete LP sides over the course of an evening. The Audio Beat's involvement has just begun, although Paul Bolin has attended a couple of the sessions and provided some of the music. For TAB's part, we have contacted audiophile labels to procure new LPs for demonstration, including test pressings from Music Matters, which has kindly provided Stanley Turrentine's Look Out! and Grant Green's Street of Dreams for the next two listening events. Paul Blizel will also be playing new releases from Original Recordings Group.

The demo system is worth hearing as well. A Luxman M-600A stereo amplifier ($9000) drives Vivid B1 loudspeakers ($15,000/pair). The analog source is a Brinkmann Bardo turntable ($7990) with optional glass platter and record clamp ($1500 for both), a Bardo power-supply upgrade ($1500), Brinkmann’s 9.6 tonearm ($4000) and an EMT Ti cartridge ($4300). The turntable rests on a Harmonic Resolution Systems M3X isolation platform ($1895-$2595 depending on size). Brinkmann's Edison phono stage ($12,990) connects to an Audio Aero La Fontaine music center ($25,000), which is both a digital source and tube line-stage preamp. All cables are from Synergistic Research. You can read more about the system and see pictures in Paul Bolin's blog.

The next two listening events are Saturday March 31 and Saturday April 28. After a summer hiatus, giving us time to dig up some especially entertaining records, the listening events will return in September.

If you'd like to attend any of the events, you can sign up on Analog Audio's website.

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