THE Show Newport Beach 2016 • Hot Product

True to its name, the new Denali series of power conditioners from Shunyata Research offers mountaintop performance (our words, not theirs, but you get the idea). They use new noise reduction technology and medical-grade filters and includes high-current capabilities, vibration control, cryogenic treatment and a process that reduces burn-in time. The Denali 2000T ($2995) shown above, has two outlets and a 20-amp (continuous) rating, while . . .

. . . the Denali 6000S ($3995) has six outlets and different amperage ratings for each of its three zones: 15, 15 and 20 amps. Both are not just amplifier capable; using them with amplifiers is recommended, due to Shunyata's QR/BB circuit, which is said to eliminate -- not merely reduce -- dynamic compression, improving amplifier performance over direct connection to the wall outlet. Expect more coverage of these new power products on TAB.

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