THE Show Newport 2013 • Hot Product

Emerald Physics' new MS3 (left) and MS2 monitors are a departure from the company's well-known panel speakers, and that's the point. "They're for people who can't have panels," says Walter Liederman of Emerald Physics, the new speakers being able to fit well and sound good in tighter spaces. Both have non-rectangular enclosures and use a triple-chamber silk-dome tweeter. The MS3 has a pair of 7" isobarically loaded coated-paper woofers, while the MS2 has a single 6" driver. Sensitivity isn't particularly high, hinting that these minimonitors might offer bass that belies their size. In fact, the MS3's claimed in-room -3dB point is 27Hz.

The pricing of the speakers depends on whether they include one of Emerald Physics' external crossovers, which allow single-wiring from the amp. The MS3 is $3000/pair biwired, $3600/pair with the crossover, while the MS2 is $2200/pair biwired and $2700/pair including the crossover.

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