National Audio Show 2013

Teddy Pardo is an Israeli electronics maker who started out producing alternative power supplies for Naim amplifiers and has subsequently branched out with his own range of components. Although he has been selling direct for some time and has built up a good reputation, this was his first time at a British show. He was using the TeddyDAC-VC (top shelf), a DAC with volume control at 906, the TeddyPre (middle shelf, 1093), and TeddyAmp-MB100 (bottom shelf) 100-watt monoblocks for 812 each. Speakers were a two-way prototype, and the sound had a pace and engagement about it that was not always evident in other rooms. We suspect Pardo's involvement with Naim electronics has influenced the sound he has gone for in this only slightly egocentrically named range.

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