National Audio Show 2013

Roksan’s K2 integrated amplifier has been a considerable success since its introduction in 2008, but Roksan’s work on the higher-end Oxygene range seems to have given the engineers there some new ideas. The most obvious is indicated in "BT," which stands for Bluetooth, specifically the aptX version of this ubiquitous wireless medium. This variant gives notably better results even from a smartphone and makes it highly usable with a revealing system. The K2 BT (above) has also had upgrades to its audio circuitry that are said to reduce high-frequency noise, provide advanced protection, improve damping at low levels and improve volume-control tracking. Pricing remains a competitive 895.

Distributor Henley Designs received the new Roksan Darius speakers (approximately 4000/pair) just two days before the show opened without much information or a full briefing. What is known, however, is that it has been designed as one of the first speakers to complement the Oxygene range of components. Featuring a ribbon tweeter and 5" bass driver, the Darius is biwireable and features twin rear-firing bass ports.

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