National Audio Show 2013

JansZen has been around for some time. It took out the patent for electrostatic speakers in 1953 and continues in a similar vein today.

Designed, engineered and made in the USA, the zA2.1 hybrid electrostatic speakers (9995/pair) feature slightly damped membranes that are said to provide more control of the sound. The twin-paneled speakers, unusual for electrostatics, are presented within sealed cabinets, allowing near-wall positioning. A WMT (woofer midrange/tweeter/woofer) array uses two 7" alloy-coned woofers sitting above and below the electrostatic panels to not only enhance bass but also increase the vertical image.

While the picture above might indicate otherwise, the zA2.1 is passive -- the Bryston PP120 amp attached to the cabinet is optional. The side-mounted tweeter is said to add air to the sound, and the knob on the back adjusts its output.

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