National Audio Show 2013

Like its designer, David Shaw, Icon Audio hardware looks like it has been hewn from granite, such is its solid appearance. New from the company is the Stereo 845 PP integrated amplifier (6000), produced for those who consider the established MB845 monoblocks overpowered for their needs. Produced as an alternative to KT88- and KT120-powered amps, the Stereo 845 PP is pushed relatively gently, giving a sweet sonic output. Featuring a 40Wpc output, matched valves and a remote control, the unit can also be used as a power amplifier.

Anyone who peered into the Ming Da room at the show can see why Icon has changed the look of its original PS3 Mk I phono stage. Sporting a new chassis, the Mk II (2100) supports both moving-coil and moving-magnet cartridges and includes several enhancements, including improvements to the power supply, a new gas-discharge valve that acts as a regulator, signal-to-noise improvements and the introduction of the company’s own moving-coil step-up transformers.

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