National Audio Show 2013

New to the UK are Gato Audio’s extremely stylish integrated amplifiers, the DIA-250 and DIA-400 (shown). The two amps look alike but have power outputs to match their names, 250 and 400 watts respectively. They also sport analog as well as digital inputs, including balanced variants of the former. The high power outputs are a reflection of the use of a class-D output stage built around technology from International Rectifier and based on a PWM modulator. Both use Burr-Brown PCM1794 DACs to upsample digital inputs to 24 bits/192kHz and have a USB input with the same capability. Unusually for a European amp, they also have 12V trigger outputs and a unity-gain input for integration into home-theater systems. What tops it off is the LED display combined with optional wood-veneered top panel, a nice synthesis of ancient and modern. The prices are 2690 for the DIA-250 and 3590 for the DIA-400.

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