National Audio Show 2011

John Howes has been collecting Voigt corner-horn speakers for so long that he created a museum dedicated to them. Now he has taken the next step and started building this 1930s design. Howes uses the original Voigt design with either Lowther or Voxativ AC-X field-coil drive units. The speakers stand 5’ 4” high and are designed to be placed in room corners with the drive unit’s mid and treble output reflected out through the vertical horn. Bass energy from the back of the driver escapes at the cabinet base. Voigt cabinets are built to order in a range of veneers or colors. The speakers cost 20,000 per pair, with the Voxativ drivers adding another 10,000 to the overall price. This is a genuine high-sensitivity loudspeaker at 98dB, so a few watts will suffice.

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