Letters • November 2017

Cutting corners

November 13, 2017


I would love to have your opinion on a couple of things. My system is as follows: McIntosh 601 monoblocks, Audio Research Reference 5 SE preamp with Reference 2 SE phono stage, VPI Classic 3 turntable with Lyra Etna cartridge, all with Nordost Heimdall 2 interconnects and speaker cables and Magico S5 speakers along with a REL S3 subwoofer behind the right speaker. The system sounds pretty good, but I'm trying to make it better. Because of the cost of a Nordost Valhalla 2 cabling system, would you go for the Tyr 2 or wait till you could swing the Valhalla 2? Also, I'm looking at adding an extra sub behind left speaker. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. The system is resting on an HRS rack, so I have that covered.

Herb Dawson

One thing I learned as a budding audiophile was not to cut corners, because doing so only cost me more money in the long run. Thus, if you've heard Valhalla 2 and liked what you heard, keep your money until you can afford it. While Tyr 2 is a very good cable line, the performance of Valhalla 2 is a step beyond.

As for the second sub, people often think subwoofers are only about bass depth, but savvy listeners know how a good, finely tuned sub can expand the soundstage. This is definitely the case with stereo subs, which are really necessary to elevate the sound of very good systems, and yours would fit into that category. So, again, I wouldn't cut this corner; you may even find that the second subwoofer is a bigger upgrade that a set of Valhalla 2 cables. -Marc Mickelson

Reader list

November 1, 2017


Please add me to the reader list.

Paul Hennis

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