One or two subs?

March 1, 2015


I just picked up a Wilson WATCH Dog subwoofer and already own an Aerial SW12. Does it pay to use both? I read only use multiples of the same item.

Bill Barotti

While low bass is generally nondirectional -- that is, it's almost impossible to tell from which channel it's coming -- there are good reasons to use two subwoofers. However, you'd want to use two identical models in stereo, each adjusted in the same way (unless there's something about your room that you're trying to fix), not two different models in mono. While it would be theoretically possible to make them work together, especially if one has a parametric EQ function, it's hard enough to properly integrate one subwoofer with speakers. Integrating a second with the speakers and an existing subwoofer would almost be a task of Herculean proportions. You'd surely get better sound using just one of them. -Marc Mickelson

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