Organizing LPs

May 15, 2017


I have been collecting 45rpm and mono LPs in the last few years, so I am wondering how you go about organizing your LPs. Do you separate 45s from 33s? And do you separate your mono LPs? My biggest worry in the past was whether to separate only my classical, jazz and rock, or to further separate folk and progressive rock. Such life challenges!

Jeff Levine

You've asked one of the eternal audiophile questions: how do you organize a music collection? I recall a scene from the movie High Fidelity in which the subject was discussed and the various principles mentioned. Ultimately, the answer is, whatever organizing principle works for you. For me, that's filing all LPs, whether stereo or mono, 33 or 45rpm, by genre and performer. In that way, when I'm in the mood to listen to some Thelonious Monk, for instance, I can make my choice from all of his LPs in my collection (digital media is stored separately, of course, but in the same way). This makes the most sense to me. Others, however, put all Mobile Fidelity titles, or all 45rpm sets, together, and I've done some of that too, but eventually, when I find the time to do so (curating a large music collection is work), I refile everything by artist. -Marc Mickelson


May 7, 2017


I’ve been reading about YBA and their recent alliance with Shanling. YBA designs, Shanling manufactures.

I understand from talking to someone at the company that all of the YBA Signature parts come from France and each Signature piece is QAed/signed off on by Yves-Bernard André himself.

Have you heard any of YBA's newer products? I recall YBA being one of the elite brands some 15+ years ago.

Larry Phillips

Like you, I remember YBA from many years ago -- about 20 in my case. I auditioned a YBA amp (I don't remember which one) and thought it sounded both distinctive and very good. In some ways, it reminded me of what I heard from 47 Laboratory equipment years later: a notable sense of directness and delicacy, and the revealing of low-level detail to an astounding degree. You can surmise by this that I haven't heard any YBA equipment lately and I was unaware of the details you share. We'll be sure to seek out YBA at shows, so you may see some coverage of the brand on TAB at some point soon. -Marc Mickelson

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May 1, 2017


Kindly add me to your e-mailing list.

Denis Tossan

All done. To join TAB's reader e-mail list and find out about new articles first, send e-mail to rl@theaudiobeat.com. -Marc Mickelson

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