Bamboo cones?

July 1, 2015


Family and bills have meant that parts of my music system have had to be DIY or cheap. A recent change has meant that I have been able to revisit and enjoy both vinyl and CD, but the expiration of the phono cartridge meant some unplanned spending. The means my support consists of an IKEA Besta A/V cabinet with isolation shelves made from Lack table tops supported on wooden cones. The other pastime is woodturning, so the cones are homemade.

Which leads to my question. Having a pile of chopping boards, and ready-to-cut-to-form isolation blocks, then thinking of the cones and the cutaway pictures I managed to find of Stillpoints, what is your opinion? Should the blocks remain just that to maximize the contact area or is it worth turning bamboo cones? I know I could experiment and the cost of a board is low, but my to-do list is closely monitored and I would rather sneak extra listening in as opposed to workshop time.

Alan Wood

You raise an interesting question. I'm inclined to the view that blocks are likely to work better, simply because I'm not sure how well the fibrous nature of the bamboo will hold a point. If the two materials were different, aluminum cones for example, I'd definitely use those point down to maximize contact area and security at both ends, but I've had great results using simple hardwood or bamboo blocks with the IKEA Aptitlig, so my inclination is to keep things simple. If you get bored one day and decide to spin up some bamboo cones, I'd love to hear how they sound. -Roy Gregory

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