Yvette and Alexx

December 2, 2016


So which of you lucky guys are spending time with the Wilson Yvette and Alexx speakers? I am very interested in reading what you hear.

Larry Phillips

Dennis Davis has the Yvettes. Both Roy Gregory and I have Alexxes, and Roy also has a pair of Thor's Hammer subwoofers, which he'll drive with Naim Statement monoblocks. I will write the review of the Alexx and Roy will do a follow-up blog on the whole monstrous system that has invaded his room -- some real audio tonnage, in the best possible sense. -Marc Mickelson

TAB's reader list

December 1, 2016


Please add me to the reader list.

Carl Grant III

You're on the list. For others, send e-mail to rl@theaudiobeat.com to join the reader e-mail list and find out about new articles on TAB first. -Marc Mickelson

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