Analog 101

February 4, 2016


I found "Analog 101" while reading through the "Four Play" blog. What a great technical paper!

Can I make one suggestion, though -- for old farts like me who like to print out and read the paper, rather than looking at the screen. There are eleven links at the bottom of the first page, so you can jump to the section that interests you. How about adding a twelfth link for printing, which will allow the complete document to be printed with one command rather than having to jump from link to link and print each one individually.

Andrew Redwood

We do create print versions of the site's equipment reviews, so people can read them offline. Your point regarding printing "Analog 101" is a good one, however, and I'll put it on our ever-growing to-do list. It will take some work to reformat all of those pages so they print well, especially with all of the useful pictures. -Marc Mickelson

Reader list

February 1, 2016


Add me to the reader list.

Mark Dyrbye

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