High End 2014 • Hot Product

Thorens required a full room to display its line of turntables in a wide variety of colors. . .

. . .some fitted with its new line of tonearms, three of which are slated for release in the fall.

Perhaps the most interesting concept was a new bearing shown off by chief designer Helmut Thiele.

It consists of a 30-micron sheet of stainless-steel fabric sandwiched between two sets of metal plates, allowing the metal sandwiches to fold and act as a bearing in one plane.

This unique bearing will be offered in the TP 92/F 9" tonearm. Thorens will also release a 10" 'arm with a gimbaled bearing (the TP 88) and the same 'arm in a 12" version (the TP 92). Prices have not yet been set for any of these models.

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