High End 2014 • Hot Product

The Italian company behind the popular HiFace USB driver has not only come up with a solution to the problem created for so many Mac-and-DAC users who upgraded to Mavericks (a compatible driver) but also built a new converter with which to tempt them. The M2Tech Mercury is a 32-bit/384kHz-capable DAC that sits in the middle of the company's range and has similar features to the Young DAC. It doubles up that device’s IC count to provide dual-mono operation, has a headphone output and an analog input. On the digital front it’s one of the first DACs we've come across to feature an I2S input that complies with PS Audio’s standard for this intriguing digital connection. Mercury has USB inputs front and rear, with the former being self-powered for portable devices. All this and a remote. It is expected to cost €2500 to €3000 when it gets to market in the fall.

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