CES 2016 • Hot Product

Mike Latvis of Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) calls his new patent-pending VXR rack "infinitely rigid, infinitely adjustable, infinitely modular." The rigidity comes from the rack's mass, density and stiffness, but the adjustability and modularity come from . . .

. . . the fact that the VXR can be completely reconfigured. Not only can the number and distance between the shelves be changed, but the rack can be made higher or lower and expanded horizontally as well. A single-wide three-shelf rack can become a double-wide four-shelf -- and grow again after that. No longer will an owner have to be concerned if new electronics will fit on his rack, because the rack will expand to accommodate virtually any component.

Even with one leg removed, the rack remains completely stable, owing to the intelligence of its design.

Each leg is actually an entire assembly of precision-machined parts that lock together with screws, the entire thing being incredibly easy to disassemble and reassemble (provided you know what you're doing). The VXR's price varies depending on configuration, although Mike gave us a range of $6300 to $33,000.

HRS also debuted the new Vortex footers, which use machined aluminum and HRS's special polymer and cost $1200 per set of four.

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