CES 2015 • Hot Product

This is all we have to show you regarding the upcoming Wilson Audio flagship speaker system -- a sheet of anticipated questions. Even the name is up in the air. Right now the speaker is referred to as the "WAMM" -- quotes necessary, because this won't be the final name. To introduce the speaker, David Wilson recounted his personal history as an audiophile, and the history of his company, including of the original WAMM and the steps in its development.

Here's what we can tell you about the new speaker: It's 82" tall without spikes, has five independently adjustable modules, an integral structure that holds the modules, and a massive low-frequency cabinet. All drivers have been chosen, but no information was given on them.

Visually, if you combine in your mind's eye the Alexandria XLF and one of the final WAMMs, you'd have something close to the mock-up "WAMM" we saw (and were asked not to photograph). There will also be an add-on subwoofer tower that we didn't see, one or two of which can be used.

There was no speculation regarding pricing, but we'll confidently guess that it will be much higher than the Alexandria XLF's price. That speaker will remain in the Wilson Audio lineup.

As with the Sabrina, it goes without saying that we're anxious to hear this speaker.

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