CES & THE Show 2014 • Hot Product

Shunyata Research's new Hydra DPC-6 ($3995) is a special-use power distributor meant only for electronics that are purely digital in nature -- computers, servers, disk arrays, reclocking units, transports. It essentially takes everything connected to it "off the grid," isolating it all from the rest of the power-delivery system and preventing the noise it generates from impairing the performance of the rest of the system.

Inside the DPC-6 are tubes with hand-wound coils, not the ZrCa2000 compound found in other Shunyata power products. These filter digital noise and hash. Of course, each outlet is isolated from the others.

Noise, especially from digital devices, seems to be a particular focus of Shunyata head Caelin Gabriel right now, judging by the introduction of the DPC-6 and demonstration of the effectiveness of the Zi-Tron Alpha Digital power cord.

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