CES & THE Show 2014 • Hot Product

Krell has been making radical revisions to its entire amplifier range. In fact, it’s replacing all of its previous power amps with seven new models that use a patent-pending technology called iBias. In essence, iBias is a variation on class-A operation that runs more efficiently. By varying the bias applied to the output stage so that it reacts to the demand created by the signal, iBias amps deliver current when it’s needed but are not fully on all the time. Krell says that iBias is a circuit that ". . .continuously measures current flow through the amplifier’s output transistors, and instantly adjusts the power (or bias) going to the transistors to suit the demands. The output transistors never shut off, yet very little power is wasted as heat."

The outcome is class A without the heat, which means the new range requires less heatsinking and fits into smaller chassis that cost less to build and thus less to sell. The new Duo 300 stereo power amp shown above, for instance, comes in at $9500 compared to the $12,500 asking price of its predecessor. Prices start at $7500 for the Duo 175 or $8750 each for the Solo 375 monoblocks, and there are three multichannel models in the range as well, the first class-A surround-sound amps ever built, according to Krell.

As you can see in the picture, Krell also has plans for new preamplifiers, dubbed Illusion, but they won’t be available until March, so company president Bill McKeigan was keeping quiet about them.

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