CES & THE Show 2014 • Hot Product

Making it just in time for the final day of the show, the B.M.C. PureVox ($6400 per pair) eschews CNC-machined aluminum, which other speaker makers use, for its close cousin: extruded aluminum, from which its entire cabinet and integral stand are made. Plates of varying thicknesses are damped with a tar-like substance, which is melted over internal surfaces. The combination makes for a very stiff cabinet with low energy loss. The air-motion tweeter and 7" Kevlar-fiberglass woofer on the front baffle are duplicated on the rear angled surface. B.M.C. designed and manufactured both drivers.

The crossover is housed within the stand, completely isolated from the speaker's internal volume. Another nice feature is the inclusion of both traditional five-way binding posts and a Speakon connector.

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