CES & THE Show 2013 • Hot Product

Magico debuted its most affordable speaker to date, the $12,600-per-pair S1 floorstander. This is a two-way, sealed-box design in the preferred Magico style, but it keeps cost under control by substituting a monocoque extrusion for the main body of the speaker in place of the machined-aluminum cabinet used elsewhere in the range. Top and bottom caps remain machined and the tweeter is the same beryllium dome model found in the S5. The woofer, however, has been developed specifically for this model. The S1 is available in twelve finishes, including the matte metallic shown. Optional high-gloss colors are available at extra cost.

The S1 appears to have a more lively sound than other Magico speakers demonstrated at shows, but it retains the precision and control that have carved out such a strong following for the brand over the past few years.

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