CES & THE Show 2013 • Hot Product

Audio Note Japan/Kondo played a prototype of its most ambitious power amplifier to date. The Kagura is a monoblock with 211 triode output tubes run in parallel single-ended fashion, and in these respects it resembles the company's current range-topper, the Gakuon. Where the new design differs is in size and component choice. Kagura has three independent mains transformers and four choke coils, all of which contribute to a 105-pound mass, not to mention extremely clean power behind the 55-watt output. The large chassis hides massive high-voltage oil capacitors that supply power to the output tubes. These are apparently considerably larger than cans of baked beans.

Final production is not expected until the fall, but if the Kaguras are better than Gakuons, they will be well worth the wait. At present there is no indication of price, but don't be surprised if they break the six-figure barrier.

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