Audio Show 2016 • Hot Product

One of those Why didn’t somebody already think of that? products, the Audolici AVP-01 offers what is a novel and unique solution to the conflicting demands of modern multi-source systems. This simple preamplifier, priced at €5290, offers just three inputs, but they are the ones that matter: separate MC and MM stages as well as a single line input, allowing the owner to connect two turntables/tonearms (one for mono or 78 playback), along with a switchable, multi-input DAC. Circuitry is discrete throughout, with bipolar devices for the MC input and line stage and hybrid topology on the MM stage, built around a 6H2P tube. Owners can also choose to bypass the output buffer, dropping the output impedance from 47k to 2000 ohms.

Sound from the Nagaoka MP-300 moving-magnet cartridge mounted on a Music Hall MMF 9.1 turntable was fluid, clean and wide open, yet with a powerful, communicative quality, suggesting that the Audolici AVP-01 might well be considerably cleverer than its simple appearance suggests.

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